Spa Services

Balfour Dermatology offers a wide range of Spa treatment serives to optimize skin wellness. Our highly-trained professional staff is committed to providing the best possible results with focus on Anti-Aging, Acne Blemish repair, Corrective and Preventative shin care.

Specialty Peel: Specialty peels are an effective way to address many conditions by stimulating skin at the cellular level. Our peels are safely used on adults and children. Our peels are solutions applied to the skin which allow the skin to mildly slough or flake off. Not all skin types react the same, some skin types absorb the solution and will not slough, but will continue to work at a cellular level for continued correction.

Micro-Dermabrasion: Love instant gratification? You'rejust one appointment away from smoother skin. There are two general types of Microderms designed to exfoliate the skin. Our diamond wand is a medical grade system stronger than non-physician systems.

Extractions: Extractions can be done with pressure or tiny incisions. Only a medical office can do extractions both ways. Our goal is to extract clogged pores and hard bumps from the skin. This procedure is normally done monthly to both teens and adults. This treatment may be covered by Insurance, only after Billing a medical visit plus Extraction can we determine if your insurance will cover the extraction.

Oxygen Treatments: As we age, our skins ability to function diminishes. This treatment delivers nutrients to all skin types which helps skin absorb oxygen leaving skin looking and feeling brighter & smoother.

Facials: Here is a great place to start! We offer a simplified solution to the SPA facial; the customized facial. Our facials are customized by the Esthetician to address your specific skin needs. The exact facial will be decided at your appointment time.

BLU-U Acne: Exposure to our medical grade Blue light can help diminish acne bacteria. This procedure can bed one either as an add-on to a Specialty peel or as a stand alone treatment.

Spa Services

     Specialty Peel


     BLU-U Acne Treatment